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Meet The members


Hey guys! My name is Alex.

I’m the lead singer of West Ember.

I create all our graphic designs including our merchandise and cover art.


Hi! My Name is Amadeus.

I’m the guitarist and founder of West Ember.

I manage our social media and make sure that our music reaches you.


Hey! This is Jake.

I’m the drummer of West Ember.

I make sure that we get our hands dirty and perform locally and abroad.


  About Us

West Ember are an El Paso based indie-pop group founded in the Fall of 2014 by Alex Bird on vocals and Amadeus on guitar. On April of 2016, Alex and Amadeus debuted their first single “Bella” which gave them local attention within the El Paso music scene. During the Fall of 2016, the duo participated in the annual El Paso Songwriting Contest where they presented their ballad “Luna.” Alex and Amadeus were fortunate enough to win 1st place for “Best Song” and were rewarded $400 dollars and 5 hours worth of studio time at Star City Studios. Immediately after, a 5-song contract was created between their producer, Chris Bayland, for which they fundraised to come up with the additional funds needed. During the Spring of 2017, Amadeus met drummer Jake Piñedo during an economics class in college and instantly connected with the founding members in a practice session. On February 1st, 2019, West Ember released their EP “Birds & Lions” and are available for “Contact” to book press tours, Interviews, shows and recruitment for the late summer of this year.


Blog Review

"If your vision of pop is as a music box of shiny, vibrant and boisterous sounds, West Ember opens your eyes to a wonderful new way of working in that genre."

- A&R Factory

"All In My Head is one of those chill, laidback pop tracks with EDM-inspired rhythms and melodies perfect for your summer playlists."

- Caeser Live & Loud